Here Lies?
State Hospital Patient Cemetaries
A One-Hour Video Presentation/Historical Discussion

Institutionalized people live below society's radar. In death, they usually remain there. Our treatment of marginalized people reveals our society's values. So does the way we bury our dead. "Here Lies?" pays tribute to the hundreds of thousands of people anonymously buried in state hospital cemeteries across the United States. Many spent their entire adult lives in mental institutions, segregated from their communities, then died there, and were buried on the grounds, forgotten. The unnamed people buried in these plots were complex human beings with lives, families, hopes and dreams. They deserve the respect in death that they did not receive in life. By showing both the shameful conditions of many state hospital cemeteries, as well as the possibilities for restoring the dignity of these graveyards, "Here Lies?" is a tool for raising public awareness and support for state hospital cemetery restoration.