Curriculum development, training and mentoring

Training on Human Rights Issues in Mental Health

Often, people involved in public mental health systems are not fully aware of the human and civil rights to which they are entitled, and mental health administers and clinicians may not be fully versed on these rights. Both staff and service users, for example, are frequently unaware that unless a person has been determined incapable by a court, she retains all of the rights of any citizen to make her own decisions.

In August 2006, the United Nations completed almost five years of work to produce the International Convention (Treaty) on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities. Using the Convention as a framework, the Community Consortiumís training on human and civil rights protection for people with psychiatric disabilities examines everyday situations in which rights issues may arise, and provides participants with opportunities to work together to resolve hypothetical rights violation issues. The training includes a focus on self-advocacy and alternative dispute resolution processes, as well as the limits of these approaches.