Community Consortium members have decades of combined experience as advocates, public mental health officials, planners, clinicians, self-help leaders, community organizers, program developers, and evaluators. Individually and collectively, we have focused on approaches that support growth, healing and independence, and that help mental health professionals, administrators, and service providers learn how to incorporate the experiential knowledge of people with psychiatric histories. We offer program development, public policy consultation, training, curriculum development and conference presentations on a host of topics related to our goal of fostering real community integration for people with psychiatric disabilities.

Presentations for Conferences, Meetings and Staff Retreats
"The Lives They Left Behind: Suitcases from a State Hospital Attic"
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"Here Lies?: State Hospital Cemetery Restoration"

Presentations on Using the Experiential Knowledge of People with Psychiatric Histories, Self-help and Peer Support, Human Rights in Mental Health, Trauma Survivors, Overcoming Prejudice and Discrimination, Organizing for People of Color in the Mental Health System, Cultural Competence from Service Users’ Perspectives, and more.

Curriculum development, training and mentoring
Training for Independent Living Centers on how to meet the self-expressed needs of people with psychiatric disabilities more info
Training for Protection and Advocacy Agencies on consumer/survivor perspectives more info
Training on human rights issues for staff and people receiving mental health services more info
Training for people receiving services on how to understand and influence government and public policy more info

Consultation Services for mental health service programs, state and local government agencies on many topics, including:
developing meaningful service user participation more info
designing and implementing self-help activities and peer support programs more info
developing Peer Specialist services more info
creating peer advocacy programs more info

Evaluation Services for traditional and peer-run/self-help organizations. We practice democratic, inclusive evaluation that explicitly includes the perspectives of people with psychiatric histories.

Historical Projects
State hospital cemetery restoration initiatives
Consultation, training and mentoring to establish oral history projects for people with psychiatric histories
Archival documentation projects for peer-run and advocacy organizations